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Coffee House

Serving Only The Best Coffee Since 2013

We Believe In Coffee That Tastes Incredible

Kiyota Coffee is the largest coffee producer in Sri Lanka and we produce the finest coffee from Kandyan Forest Graden since 2012

Light Roast Coffee

Light City Roast Coffee

Full City Roast Coffee

French Roast Coffee

Italian Roast Coffee

Green Coffee

Our Story

We’ve started our business in the year 2012 as a small coffee collector. While we are in the coffee retail business we have seen the inside out of the coffee industry.

Fresh Beans

We produce the best quality High Grown coffee for all our customers. It’s our obligation to produce the best coffee for our customers. All our specialty Coffees are purely handpicked which enables us to keep the quality.

Great Coffee

All our coffees are grown and processed in Sri Lanka. The quality is maintained with special care for every single cherry. Most of our coffees are collected from Kandyan Forest Garden [KFG] and the teat of highly biodiverse eco system in KFG produce its prime taste you wouldn’t find from anywhere.

The Best Coffee-Manufacturer

We are experts in processing high grown best quality coffee for more than 05 years

Coffee Bean

Best Beans

We collect single-origin best coffee beans from our farmer groups in Kandyan Forrest Gurden. 

Coffee Bean

Quality Roasting

We use the state of art coffee roasting machines and the best roasting professionals to roast our coffees.

Coffee Bean

Perfect Coffee

Form natural hand pick coffee with professional roasting brings a unique quality to our coffee.

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Story Behind Ceylon Coffee

Story Behind Ceylon Coffee

Wasco de Gama, the great seaman invented the sea route towards south India in about 1200 AD. Thereby Sri Lanka (then Ceylan, Seylan, Thaprobane, etc.) also was linked to the Silk Road at that moment. The Arabs who came along this course introduced Arabica coffee...

About Kiyota Coffee Legend

About Kiyota Coffee Legend

Renaissance Begins In 2006 Japan fair Trade Committee (JFTC), a leading coffee business group in Japan visited Sri Lanka and identified the potential of regaining of Sri Lankan Arabica Coffee industry hidden in history. Thereafter, with the collaborative support of...