About Kiyota Coffee

Sri Lanka was the world pioneer among Arabica Coffee producers in a century ago. However in about 1880’s this industry was disappeared with natural outbreak. However the taste hidden in the hearts of our grandparents descended over generations and even for today coffee lovers. Mr. Kazuyuki Kiyota, a Japanese veteran who represents the Japan Fair Trade Committee (JFTC) a leading Coffee establishment in Japan, smells the history and reestablished the vanished asset with the support of Sri Lankan Coffee community, Sri Lankan Government, Japanese Coffee consumers and the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA). Today KIYOTA is the other name for lost Ceylon Coffee in the time. Nevertheless now KIYOTA is a community work. It appears on behalf of odour of farming community, and taste for coffee lovers as well as to protect the nature.

Our Journey

We are supporting our community to uplift their living standards

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